New Wildflower Bags at I Heart Moss

Posted by Karen Nierlich on

New to our nature store are our Wildflower Bags -- that include fern, moon, pine needle, snake, and geometric patterns. I've been drooling over them -- scratch that, too gross -- I'm seriously crushing on these Indigo bags with nature patterns made by Stephanie Hatch Art and Accessories. The fabric and the bags are handmade in Portland, OR using a photo technique called cyranotype.

For those who might not know, Stephanie lays the feathers, flowers, ferns, and other forms on fabric and then exposes it to the sun. It is the same process as sun prints except with fabric. She then lines and sews the wildflower bags together, including a small inside pocket and a sturdy black wristlet handle. 

It's the perfect summer or weekend bag, perhaps made all the more delightful by the association with sun prints that you might have made as a child. Now you can take an arty and sophisticated image of nature with you everywhere you go. 

My husband asked if the wildflower bags fade. They will fade a bit in sunshine but return to their original indigo blue when you store them in a dark drawer or closet. 

Find them on the I Heart Moss shop here. If you have any questions about this wildflower bag or any other gifts in our nature shop, don't hesitate to contact me at 


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