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Nature-inspired charm necklaces are the most popular items in our store. I've been thinking that a nature charm necklace is a great signal to the world that you are a nature lover. 

Our I Heart Moss shop has two collections of nature charm necklaces. The first has brass charms such as twigs, acorns, squirrels and antlers on a bronze chain with a lobster clasp. The acorn, twig, and squirrel are also available in silver.

The antler has a long chain that makes it a layering necklace. The other three charms -- twig, acorn, and squirrel -- land near your collar. Their length is perfect for appearing in the opening of a blouse or near the top of a tee-shirt. These necklaces are handmade by Bohemian Salt in Portland, OR and are delightful, pretty and infused with charm!

antler charm necklace

Additionally, I Heart Moss carries gorgeous handmade charms by Silver Dot Jewelry in the Hudson Valley, NY. Each item is individually hand cast in heirloom quality silver and features remarkable detail. I found that wearing the antler (a long layering piece) made me feel powerful. The fox necklace, on the other hand, is cute and magical. 

nature charm jewelry

Select a nature charm necklace to signal you are a nature lover and start new conversations. It's one way to attract other nature lovers to you. Additionally, wear a nature charm as a talisman. I was surprised by the power I felt from the silver antler charm necklace by Silver Dot Jewelry. 

 is for nature lovers by nature photographer Karen Nierlich. We have lots of beautiful jewelry in our shop currently and will expand the shop to include other nature gifts in 2017. 


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