I Heart Moss Mission

Posted by Karen Nierlich on

My mission to share my love of the outdoors and encourage other people to spend time outdoors. To start with, I'd like to share photos of the forests and mosses as well as guided hikes in the SF Bay Area. 

It's my experience that how and where we spend our time makes a huge difference. We are making an important decision for ourselves when we choose to spend our free time hiking in the wilderness. The time outdoors hiking renews and refreshes us and allows us to be healthier and happier. All the days you choose to be active outdoors, add up to a healthier and more resilient version of you. 

You've probably also noticed the intimate quality of spending time with a friend or family member outdoors. On a hike there are lots of opportunities to talk or simply enjoy time together in a relaxed fashion. The time builds closeness between us. Food tastes better too in the forest, thanks to the fresh air and our activity.

When we spend time alone in the woods, we see our thoughts in the best possible light — thanks to the scenery, forest scents and our body in motion. We are less anxious, our mind is clearer, we are more sure of ourselves...and thus good thoughts and new solutions come to us with more ease. Being active outdoors enhances our wellbeing in multiple ways and gives us more energy to help our families and friends and be present in our lives.

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