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We've added sparkly fox necklaces to our nature shop. This fox necklace has a modern, geometric look unlike the more vintage looks we've featured on shop.iheartmoss to date. The fox pendant is as big as a finger nail and a little smaller than a dime. See this next photo for a clear idea of the size. The 18" chain means it shows up perfectly inside the top of blouses. 

As you probably know, foxes have been trending in contemporary fashion and accessories for quite a while as well as other forest creatures. However, I'm truly as smitten with the fox motif as anyone else. I've been asking myself if the fox is merely cute or does it have additional, deeper meanings that draw us in.

Fox Necklace | Nature Shop

To me, the fox is beautiful as well as feminine, agile, intelligent and leery of humans. Such small and graceful creatures. I'm sure they've been hunted for their beautiful coats so perhaps it's shrewdness that causes them to keep their distance from humans. 

Remember "Foxy Lady" by Jimmy Hendrix (1967)? It's one of Hendrix's most popular songs and been covered by innumerable other bands. Like in the Hendrix song, in English speaking countries the fox symbolizes a woman with "sex appeal and attractiveness." It also connotes cleverness and trickery. In other cultures, the fox symbol is also mainly positive including cunning, strategy, quick thinking, adaptability and wisdom. 

Regardless of whether your ready to declare yourself a "foxy lady" or simply like the motif, the fox necklace will be a great addition to your wardrobe. The fox charm or fox pendant incorporates a coveted motif in a modern, geometric form. As a nature lover, you can show your nature love to the world while maintaining your modern hip, stylish look. 

In invite you to check out the rest of our nature shop. We have nature-inspired jewelry, bohemian jewelry for free spirits, and a bird-inspired home collection currently. We'll be adding new nature-inspired gifts frequently. 




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