Exceptional Family Hike in Point Reyes, California

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We celebrated Mother's Day with a Family Hike at Abbott's Lagoon in Point Reyes. 

What makes Abbott's Lagoon such an excellent family hike is that it's an easy four mile hike roundtrip and there's an exceptional amount of nature stuff to see. This is the kind of hike where it feels right to go at a slower pace, chat with your hiking companions and look around and smell the cow's parsnip. The large white flowering plant you'll see on all sides is cow's parsnip. 

Family Hiking at Abbotts Lagoon

Sights on the way include lots of Spring wildflowers, green rolling hills, the two lagoons, copious birds and a stunning ocean view at the mid-way point. The day we were there for a family hike, half the hikers had binoculars on. Abbott's Lagoon is a popular destination for birders because of the blackbirds, cormorants, ducks, eagles, falcons, finches, geese, grebes, gulls, hawks, herons, hummingbirds, larks, owls, pelicans, plovers and more! Some children will like spotting the birds and learning their names!

Yellow Lupin Abbotts Lagoon

We had a picnic on the sand dunes just before the ocean. Many others were also using the sand dunes as a windbreak while enjoying the water, birds and cliffs. It's windy at this location all the time I understand -- so go on a warm day and wear a coat or a wind breaker. 

Family Hike at Abbotts Lagoon

If you continue past the sand dunes, you'll be rewarded with a windy but awe-inspiring view of the sea surround by an arc of cliffs. Here's a photo taken by my friend Isma Kahn of the beach and cliffs.

Point Reyes Family Hike

If you want to pick up picnic provisions on the way to Abbott's Lagoon, I recommend a stop at Point Reyes Station. It's also a great way to break up the drive if you are traveling with young kids.

At Point Reyes Station, you'll find coffee and pastries at Bovine Bakery, deli items at Cowgirl Creamery or the Palace Market and also the charming Point Reyes Books. There are many picnic tables set out a small park setting as well. I can't resist stopping at Point Reyes Station as it delights my food-loving heart. I hope it'll please and impress your mother as well. 

Additional Notes: Dogs NOT Allowed. Plentiful parking and a bathroom at the trail head. There's a map posted at the trailhead and the trail is easy to follow which makes it ideal for a family hike. Reminder to bring a coat or windbreaker. 


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