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Our feather necklace features a delicate charm on a matching bronze or silver chain. The beautiful piece has an adjustable chain which makes it perfect for layering or alone and is made by Bohemian Salt in Portland.  

Feathers and the feather motif have been popular throughout recent decades and perhaps all of fashion history. It's a timeless motif! 

Early humans adorned themselves with feathers, fur and naturally occurring dye and paints; tribal and native people around the world continue to adorn themselves with feathers. In Greek and Roman times, warriors decorated their helmets with feathers.  From the Egyptian pharaohs through the centuries to the royalty of Europe, feathers have been prized. 

In the US and Europe, there was an ostrich feather hat craze from the late 1800's until the start of WW1. Tragically, the ostrich feather hat craze lead to the demise of all wild ostrich herds! 

The ostrich feather craze finally diminished when the Audubon Society and other nature groups got involved and educated women about how damaging the feathered hat trend was to ostriches and other birds.

Also, WW1 bought about a dramatic change in fashion. The extravagant looks of Victorian and Edwardian England were replaced by simpler designs so more resources could be devoted to the war. 

The majority of today's women prefer their fashions without feathers or fur. Today's women want to celebrate and commune with animals, not harm or kill them! 

A charming feather necklace like this one, signals to others your love of nature! 

Follow link to the feather necklace page in the shop! Thanks friends. 


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