Let's Go for a Hike!

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Many of you are hikers! I've enjoyed getting to know you via your photos and comments. If you are in the Bay Area, we can take hikes together too. If you aren't in the area, we'll share photos online [on Instagram at #iheartmoss.] 

The first hike will be in September to Cataract Falls in Marin. Over time we'll explore the different waterfall trails in the Bay Area -- as that's where the moss hangs out.

**Sign up in the footer to receive the dates and directions. I look forward to meeting you.**

Why am I into hiking? I would describe myself as into feeling good! I'm restless and I dislike sitting for a long time. I do work at a desk a lot (I run a home-based marketing and web business with my husband) and I'm always walking to the kitchen for more snacks and tea. Yeah, but maybe we all do that! Sometimes it seems like I'm out of my chair every 5 minutes.

I grew up on a residential street in Los Angeles, right off of Wilshire. Not the heart of the city, but the city. The kids on my street played handball, basketball, touch, flag and tackle football all the time. I still have a chipped tooth as a result of my mouth coming in contact with the top of someone's head. 

In high school, I ran track and cross county. Girls were just starting to play soccer and get active in sports in CA. Thankfully sports are now open to so many more girls now in CA and the US. Running and reading were my principal passions. I found escapism and exhilaration in both. 

Being strong made me feel powerful and beautiful. I know I'm lucky. I've had my problems but I grew up feeling physically strong.

Why am I telling you this? I definitely know some secrets (I'm sure there are an endless # of secrets but I know some) to feeling good. One secret to feeling good is hiking and walking. 

My parents took my siblings and I hiking and camping when we were kids. They'd both grown up being active outdoors. I know this experience of hiking, camping, and even backpacking was one of the greatest gifts I received from my parents.

Of course, getting active in most ANY sport will make you feel better. 

However, as many of you know being outdoors in nature helps us emotionally and spiritually or whatever you wish to call it. There's research now that show people feel X% better after X minutes of green time.

We can feel it for ourselves, without a scientific study. There is comfort, a change in perspective, calm, serenity, and balance to be found in getting outside and exploring any natural setting and especially one with green trees. 

Go sign up in the footer to come hiking with my friends and I. ADD your email to the LIST in the footer. 

I'll send you the date, time, and place far in advance. You'll get directions and parking info the week of. 




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